Searching for the Prince of Peace Book F

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Searching for the Prince of Peace

A Christmas Allegory

Queen Amarys of Damali is running for her life. King Waldron wants her dead—especially now that he knows she is pregnant with the rightful heir to the thrown. He has hired mercenaries from the evil nation of Gaenor to hunt her down.

But Amarys has three wise and powerful friends—Ira the Wizard, Frewin the Alchemist, and Gilen the Seer. They are working together to find her, rescue her, and save the life of her unborn child. When all seems lost, Ira foresees that help will find her. But what help could possibly find her in the dangerous deep of the wolf-infested Western Wood?

A simple peasant named Taron comes to the queen’s rescue. But can he protect her from the bands of Gaenorian soldiers raiding every home to find her? And how will they make such a dangerous journey amidst so many enemies—especially now that Amarys is large with child?



A Letter for My Grandchildren

The Dramatic Pen just published our first memoir!

$9.95, home site exclusive pricing.

Ernest and Edith Fields spent most of their lives in Laurel County, Kentucky. They had seven children and were married for over 60 years. Though neither of them considered themselves writers, they were encouraged by their family to write down some of their memories, which led the to creation of this book. The family of Ernest and Edith hopes you enjoy this compilation of stories and history that attest to lives lived according to faith and love. Ernest was a coal miner, a World War II veteran, a long-term South Central Bell Telephone Company employee, and a philosopher. Edith was a dedicated wife and mother, a hard worker, and a woman of resilient faith. But perhaps their most visible legacy is in how much their children and grandchildren honored them and love one another.

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"I've used other dramas by this author and find them all to be very engaging and funny. This one is also a great skit to put on even with young people because it is so witty and hilarious, that it would make a great activity for relationship building. ...We used it for a party and it was a hit! Our parties were always talked about for the fun skits we had done. We purposely have looked for other works... by this author, because of the easy to follow style and just hilarious word play. Fun!!!!!"

-- Laurel, Florida, about "Murder At Surly Gates"

"We did this with a group of college friends. Everyone loved the cleverly written script and the surprise ending. Enjoy the food, and the company, and every minute of this intriguing and hilarious story. Definitely worth it!"

-- Lori, North Carolina, about "Who Invited The Stiff To Dinner?"

Photograph Restoration

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Searching for the Prince of Peace Book F
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