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"I don't know why Absalom keeps me. I'm not any good at gene charting or chromosomal manipulation. My hands shake whenever I'm in the Fetal Growth Room. I can't even walk past the CC Surgery Center without feeling panicky and nauseous. There are too many buttons in this place--too many ways to end a life. And it scares me."

Galaxy, a skinny fifteen-year-old girl with long white hair, doesn't know why Absalom spoils her so much. Especially since she's just an undersized CC--a member of the Commodity Class--a class of expendable slaves. Absalom owns Absalom Industries, including AI Tower, the most iconic structure of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. As a mass producer of CCs, Absalom could have any personal CC he wants--a super smart Wit, a powerful Warrior, or even a sexy Pristine. Instead, he chose Galaxy, one of the Naturals--a sickly, petite girl who prefers to nap in the sun instead of attend class.

When Galaxy discovers Absalom is dying, she realizes her days of privilege are at an end. A new executive order will cut the CC population down by a third. Galaxy and her best friend, Needle, will be among those sent to the incineration chamber.

Now Galaxy has a choice to make. Use what's left of her privilege to secure safety for herself and Needle... or join the doomed CC rebellion.



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The poetry you will find here spans several seasons of my life. Some of the poems are from my point of view, and some are from the point of view of someone else. Some are romantic, some are serious, and some are humorous, but all of them represent a memory or an emotion that became part of the fabric of my life. They are intended to inspire emotion, nostalgia or even curiosity, but not all are intended to teach. Some things must be said, merely because they are felt… not because they are true. And so, as you laugh, cry or remember, I hope you will enjoy my poetry and add to it something of yourself.

Force Down
the Night

The Age of Technics, Book I

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"I've used other dramas by this author and find them all to be very engaging and funny. This one is also a great skit to put on even with young people because it is so witty and hilarious, that it would make a great activity for relationship building. ...We used it for a party and it was a hit! Our parties were always talked about for the fun skits we had done. We purposely have looked for other works... by this author, because of the easy to follow style and just hilarious word play. Fun!!!!!"

-- Laurel, Florida, about "Murder At Surly Gates"

"We did this with a group of college friends. Everyone loved the cleverly written script and the surprise ending. Enjoy the food, and the company, and every minute of this intriguing and hilarious story. Definitely worth it!"

-- Lori, North Carolina, about "Who Invited The Stiff To Dinner?"

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"Hadarah's Story" Prequel Short-Story to the "Habakkuk's Plea" Trilogy.


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