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We are currently accepting queries. Do not send a proposal or manuscript unless we ask for it. We do not accept or return unsolicited submissions. Send a query to: Please include the following in your query:


  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address

  • The title of your book

  • The genre of your book

  • The length of your book and its state of completion

  • Your book's intended audience

  • A brief summary of your book (don't hide the end) (150 words)

  • Your writing credentials, if any (Why are you the best person to write this book?)

  • Your platform, if any


(Note: Please try to keep your entire query to about 1 typed, single-spaced page worth of text.)


Response time is approximately 2-3 weeks.


We are interested in the following:


  • Christian Fiction (Adult or YA)

  • Christian Theology & Apologetics

  • Christian Living

  • Bible Studies and Bible History

  • Mystery Party Games

  • Christian Drama (There is a right way and a wrong way to format your plays. Click HERE for a PDF from Gordon State that explains proper formatting and provides a sample you can follow. )

  • Books about the craft of writing



We will NOT consider any of the following:


  • Erotica

  • Comic Books

  • Gift Books

  • Children's Books*

  • Poetry Books**

  • Short Stories (unless it's a collection)

  • Technical Manuals or Text Books

  • Anything that runs counter to Christianity or our tagline: Write To Bless The World

  • Anything that has been previously published, self-published

  • Anything that is a sequel to a book previously published by anyone other than us

  • Anything that is poorly conceived or poorly written

  • Anything we feel we cannot market effectively

  • Anything that must be marketed primarily in a location outside the United States

  • Anything written in a foreign language


Keep in mind that this company is just over three years old; therefore, you might have more success with a larger company that has a better foot in the door of the market. We published 15 titles in our first two years of operation.


* Though we have published one children's book so far, at this time we do not have the illustration or marketing platforms to make this a viable genre for us.

**One exception is our "Into the Beautiful" poetry book series. This is an annual contest put on to find and develop poets across Montana. We then publish their work. This contest usually runs from September 1st to October 15th. Click on the "Poetry Contest" tab to find out more.

What does the Dramatic Pen Press do for its authors in terms of advertising & book promotions?

At this time, the Dramatic Pen Press does the following for its titles:


  • If appropriate, creates an original video book trailer which includes appropriate background music, images & video footage, book cover title and image, name of the author, plot/character teasers, purchasing outlets, credits, and more. Click HERE for examples. (No charge for our authors.)

  • Advertises bookcover images, video trailers, and links to purchasing sources on three pages of our website.

  • Advertises bookcover images, video trailers, and links to purchasing sources on our Facebook Page, and up to twenty Facebook book-related groups.

  • Advertises bookcover images, video trailers, and links to purchasing sources on Twitter.

  • Sends out press releases to the city in which the book author lives.

  • Sells the book directly from our website through our online store.

  • Sells the book through Amazon.

  • Sells the book through

  • Puts the book on Ingram, through which brick and mortar stores can order copies (if they so choose or if requested by a customer.)

  • Converts the book to eBook form (if appropriate) and makes it available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc.

  • Creates appropriate promotional memes (if appropriate) for distribution on social pages.

  • Provides support for our authors' personal webpages to make them as appealing as possible. (No charge for our authors.)

  • Creates flyers, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, etc. for author distribution, upon request.

  • Assists in the organization of book signings and author events.

  • Adds an image and blurb about the book in the back section of upcoming releases (as space allows).

  • Adds the title to our booktable for any and all book-related events we personally attend or organize.

  • Diligently seeks other venues for marketing and listens to the author's suggestions.


  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page
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