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Book Cover Creations


You've put a great deal of time and effort into perfecting your

manuscript, but it's the book cover that sells the book. Doesn't your

work deserve a cover that draws readers?


We offer professionally designed book covers for both eBooks (Kindle,

Nook, etc.) and print books. Please see our price list below and then

browse some of our eBook premade covers by clicking through each





PRE-MADE EBOOK COVER (Including minimal alterations): $50


CUSTOM-DESIGNED EBOOK COVER (no image--background and text only): $75


CUSTOM-DESIGNED EBOOK COVER (using stock photo): $100


CUSTOM-DESIGNED EBOOK COVER (using original, exclusive image): $350+



PRINT BOOK FULL-SPREAD COSTS (Prices Include Matching, Complimentary Ebook Cover)




CUSTOM-DESIGNED PRINT BOOK FULL SPREAD (no image--background and text only): $400




CUSTOM-DESIGNED PRINT BOOK FULL SPREAD (using original, exclusive image): $600+



Will My Book Be the Only One with This Cover?

Yes. Regardless of which option above you choose, the design will be unique to your book. That means, once we sell it to you, we remove it from our offerings. However, not all of the photos used are exclusive, one-time use photos. So, it's possible that the images found on stock photo sites could be used again by someone other author. Though this is unlikely, it does happen from time to time.



What Kinds of Book Covers do You Do?


  • Fiction

  • How To Books

  • Poetry

  • Résumés 

  • Creative Non-fiction

  • Proposals/Grants

  • Theology &  Philosophy

  • Devotionals

  • Professional Letters & Queries

  • Cookbooks

  • Select Non-Fiction

  • Articles and Short Pieces 


Note: We Don't Do Cover Designs for Erotica, Vampire Chick-Lit, or anything that directly contradicts the Christian world-view. Our reasoning here is two-fold: One, we could not, in good conscience, offer you a service we feel we could not fulfill properly. That is to say, we have, literally, NO experience working on certain types of projects; therefore, we simply could not do your work justice. Two, we are operating under the business motto: Write To Bless The World. Though this guideline is somewhat subjective, we have committed to dedicating our time only to those projects we feel fit this model well. Not all projects have to be Christian, of course, but they cannot put ugliness or hurtfulness or unnecessary conflict into the world. Everything we do is family-friendly.



Please visit the Contact Page to inquire about your specific project needs. The first project consultation (to determine if our services are a right fit for your project) is free.


Pre-Made Covers

Slideshows of our Products By Category
Click through to see them all!

Pre-made covers are professional designs that give you the least-expensive and fastest option for your EBook and are editable. You will work directly with the cover artist of the design you choose. He or she will switch out the text to fit your title, name, and subtitle/tagline/endorsement. (Of course, if you want to use the title and/or taglines we chose, you are free to do so.) A few of our designs allow you the option of switching out the image, but most images are non-transferable. Once you select and purchase one of these covers, it is taken off our list of offerings, so you can be sure it's yours. (Note: There are extra charges for additional design changes, aside from those specified above. Please use the Contact page to inquire.)

Christian Non-Fiction




General Non-Fiction


Light Horror

Young Adult




How To & Education


Pre-Made Full Spreads for Print Books
(EBook Covers Included)

Pre-Made Full Spreads for Print Books in a Series
(EBook Covers Included)

Series Books Can Be Rearranged

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