Searching for the Prince of Peace: A Christmas Allegory

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Queen Amarys of Damali is running for her life. King Waldron wants her dead—especially now that he knows she is pregnant with the rightful heir to the thrown. He has hired mercenaries from the evil nation of Gaenor to hunt her down.

But Amarys has three wise and powerful friends—Ira the Wizard, Frewin the Alchemist, and Gilen the Seer. They are working together to find her, rescue her, and save the life of her unborn child. When all seems lost, Ira foresees that help will find her. But what help could possibly find her in the dangerous deep of the wolf-infested Western Wood?

A simple peasant named Taron comes to the queen’s rescue. But can he protect her from the bands of Gaenorian soldiers raiding every home to find her? And how will they make such a dangerous journey amidst so many enemies—especially now that Amarys is large with child?

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